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Eisenberg Original Rhodium Jewelry

Here we are going to cover Post-Sterling Jewelry through to about1960.  As Rhodium was introduced as the jewelry medium after WWII, Eisenberg would confusingly be all over the place with their marks.  It would include the script E, Eisenberg Original, Block Eisenberg, and Block E - no copyright symbols; they came later.

Post war there was a drastic shift in style, material, and size of Eisenberg pieces.  The trend was for smaller more delicate pieces but there were still a few large wows done.  Including the Iconic Eisenberg Eagle I'm highlighting below.

Courtesy Of AuroraAntiques on Etsy - THANK YOU

Amazing Eisenberg Eagle - RESTORATION set

When this set was found several decades ago it was destroyed, but the crafty hands of a dedicated collector with dead on accurate Swarovski stones managed to fix her up magnificently.

Originally this set was only offered in clear stones, both in this large eagle and a smaller one, and then the earrings which are quite rare.  Had Ruth seen it in this patriotic restoration...she might have done some of them like this.

Eisenberg did more than one eagle design in this Korean War period, as did many designers, but the Eisenberg pieces are all marked for Eisenberg, barring the Macy's Eagle. 

This was a very popular piece and shows up in many places.

This is a favorite piece of a friend - Teresa Knowles - I had to build this section for you first...told you there would be a few surprises. 

Measurements and photos of original clear Eagles to come soon.

The marvelous character actress Thelma Ritter wore the large Eisenberg Eagle in 1953 for the movie Titanic - shown here in an official press photo for the film.  Here it was adapted into a necklace.  Teresa was the one that informed me of the movie heritage of the large Eisenberg Eagle so I was able to mention it in the book.


During this period of Maidenform's "I Dreamed" concept there were some truly lovely ads done, this one is unique in that the accessory, the large Eisenberg Eagle, is identified.  


My version of the ad is from 1951 but the ads did run in multiple publications during the campaign.

This ad is shown in the book, and all the clear stone Eagles are shown in the book, from Sharon's amazing collection, but the other images of the large Eagle shown here are not.

Shown Courtesy of Karen Bird - Caybeth Collectibles - THANK YOU!


The center green stone is original, apparently it was an officially licensed Macy's exclusive version of the large Eisenberg Eagle.  This is according to a longtime collector/jewelry expert.

This is NOT marked Eisenberg, but in all other ways it is identical.  It is also from the 1950s.

What I know about the Eagle pieces in all - they were on offer for some time as one is shown in an ad as late as 1955.  Now that ad doesn't show or specify what size that Eagle is; it might be the smaller Eagle which likely came later and is why there is still advertising featuring the piece years after the large one came out.


Source Unknown - Date - Unspecified

In a lot of ads that I acquired I was stunned to see this showing of the large Eisenberg eagle.

This is a random page but believe it or not this is for PAJAMAS!  Yes that is a red flannel bustier and skirt highlighted with our quite marvelous bling.

Maybe stay-at-home New Year's Eve wear?

Here's a showcase of my Large Eagle, my Small Eagle, and an even larger Butterfly.  All marked Eisenberg and from the 1950s.

And no, you're not crazy, they are black & white; I don't have my set-up right yet for photographing pieces like these to their true glory in color.

Even in this image you can see that there are some differences in design between the large and small eagle.  

Note - the small eagle is still a nice sized piece.

These are Bobye Syversons Eagles - she of course had the earrings.

Courtesy of uptowngirljeni - this Eisenberg Block E necklace is an interesting take on Eisenberg's love of snowflakes. Done in gold with an interesting link design and decorated with clear rhinestones this piece measures 17 inches.

So what is the material of jewelry after the sterling years if it's golden not the silver of rhodium?

Let's hear what you know...

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