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Eisenberg Sterling Jewelry

Sharon's piece is on the cover of her book, here is mine, pre-polishing.  If you look at the rear view you can see the jump ring (loop rings) that join together some of the more dimensional Eisenberg pieces.  Both these pieces come in multiple colors, and are also done with vermeil - not as often seen.  Specific piece details will be added later.


Courtesy Of Purplelula - Jason Buck


Very Rare Sterling Eisenberg Original - 

   Sadly over the course of a computer change I've lost track of the detailed information on this piece - such as size.  But when I saw her I fell in love. I did offer for her but it wasn't enough.

   Highly detailed carving, enamel touches, huge center stone, and tiny accent ones.  She's amazing and a not often seen bird.

   Mark on rear is Eisenberg Original & Sterling

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