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About Me

My absolute favorite Eisenberg Ad

I spent nearly 20 years working in the antique business with my good friend, and owner of the "Eisenberg Originals" book, Sharon Schwartz in her business Of Times Gone By, LLC; formerly of the online antique mall Rubylane.

I have a massive millinery collection of hats, bonnets, and ephemera that I will eventually show here.

I am now growing a number of other collections, including hair combs which I love to wear.

I love things that sparkle, are embroidered, and all things butterfly.

And of course, when possible I try and add to my Eisenberg archive.

If you want to submit something please use the option on the Home Page.

If you have a question about Eisenberg, their creations, or the book, just use the form below and I'll get back to you.

I'll continue adding to the site as often as I can, but submitted pieces will be added immediately, since I don't have to photograph or scan them!

Subscription emails will only be sent after significant pieces have been added and yes that form is at the bottom of each page.


Success! Message received.

Why are the images copy-protected?  Simple, this is about my sharing and you learning and enjoying.  In order to protect against images being used without my permission I've rendered them worthless except for reference and viewing.  I have worked hard for twenty years to gather my pieces and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy seeing them all.

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