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Belle Epoque Clothing

This is one of my favorite periods of fashion, everything was lavish...from their hair (see hair combs and hair accessories section,) to their jewelry, and to their amazingly detailed clothing.  I was fortunate to have a chance to buy a collection of glossy early 1900 photograph prints highlighting the stunning gowns of this era.  These are generous-sized images on thick high-quality paper.  My scanner and I are fighting, from lines to white dots, some of my scans seem as if they have issues, none of the actual photographic images have any damage - this was a pristine collection and I have quite a few of them yet to scan.  

Well my scanner is actually dying; I apparently got a dud, and until I have a replacement these images are too large to scan without them showing the malfunction that is the glowing "line."  I'll try and finish these as soon as I get a new one, there are a lot to go.

This is a City Dress Of "Rajah Silk" designed by Redfern.

This is a Day Dress designed by Redfern.

This is a Dinner Robe designed by Redfern.

This is an Evening Dress for home wear designed by Maggie Rouff.

This is an Evening Dress designed by Ernest Raudnitz.

This is an Interior Robe in the Louis XV Style designed by Redfern.

This is a Race Dress designed by Redfern.

This is a Theater Dress designed by The Roizot Sisters.

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