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Eisenberg Base Metal Jewelry  

    It will be very hard to show you as many Eisenberg Original jewelry pieces as Sharon shows in her book; she has an amazing collection, but hopefully with your help we can quickly build a nice selection. However to quickly see many iconic and stunning Eisenberg Originals you should check out the book.

   Due to the price of Eisenberg pieces I only have a small collection of jewelry, clothing, and accessories, and most of them aren't yet photographed. Eisenberg Original Jewelry pieces, especially the Sterling, are just usually out of my price range.

   But I have a really nice camera now, and once I have the time and skill I'll get images up, or replace older images with newer ones for what I do have.  But I am going to be relying on you to help build the early sections.

   Here in the 1930s jewelry section we are going to show all non-sterling Eisenberg Originals; some of these pieces will clearly date to the first few years of the 1940s, and some are even in ads dating them so, but I have to break up the sections somehow and it just seems to make sense to group all the base metal pieces here.


Eisenberg Original - 

Lying horizontal instead of vertical was the best way to show off the dimensional nature of this fur clip. Rich gold wash over pot metal for the leaves and stems with deep emerald green stone flowers having tiny bezel set clears for accents. Emerald color is truest in top flower - farthest left.

4&3/4" tall x 3" wide

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