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Hair Combs and Hair Accessories

Illustrations & Photographs

Belle Epoque

The following images are from a string bound portfolio of hand-drawn images from 1913. This is a gathering of evening styles from Vienna, Paris, London, Brussels, and Zurich, that was intended to showcase possible hairstyles for Paris evenings.  There are 72 plates in all from 56 different salons from the previously mentioned countries, many different artists contributed.  Not all the styles have ornaments, however most are done by adding "wig" pieces to create more volume or particular shapes and designs; a few of the plates actually show these pieces.  

Many of these pieces include hair combs, and one actually shows the pieces used in the elaborate design.

I also love seeing the bodices of the gowns the ladies are wearing, and sometimes their delicate Edwardian jewelry.  To see some of these gown in full color please visit the Edwardian section.

It took me over a month to get the dealer to discount this portfolio and I sweated out someone else taking the time to notice these ladies while browsing and buying them out from under my coveting heart.

During scanning these is when my scanner started to die and some of them show that "line" that is apparently the death bell for the machine.  Sadly the line wasn't on the first ones, and I had finished before I realized it was there.  I don't think it really affects enjoying any of the drawn images, though you can see it on some of them, and at some point I'll redo them, especially as a few of them aren't perfect scans anyway.  I wish I'd known it was dying before I'd done them all.

Each of the pages these plates are on is about 10" x 6".

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