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Fan Site For the Design House Of Eisenberg - and all vintage fashion and jewelry as well.

This site is just starting and has a long way to grow...Here you will find my collection of Eisenberg fashion ads, eventually my collection of Eisenberg creations, and hopefully your contributions of ads and items.

While this site has been started to showcase the design house of Eisenberg - "Eisenberg & Sons Originals," "Eisenberg Ice," and "Eisenberg Originals" eventually it will showcase pieces and images of all my collections, designers, and show samples from all periods.

The book "Eisenberg Originals" only covers the founding of the Eisenberg company in its Chicago incarnation through to the end of the 1950s when the company had ended all but the mass produced jewelry. Here ALL Eisenberg jewelry will be welcome.


In fact all jewelry, fashion, perfume, and accessory designers are welcome, so dig out your Eisenberg Originals, your Eisenberg Ice©, your Trifari, your Haskell - any of your favorites from anyone, and show them off.

This site was started to augment the information provided in my friend Sharon Schwartz's book "Eisenberg Originals - The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s" available now directly from the publisher Schiffer, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  In thanks for the time and work I put into the book Sharon graciously named me co-author.

The photo of any piece, photograph, or ad that you share can be copyrighted if you'd like.  And all photos will be credited to their providers by the name, nick, or business you request. Anonymity can also be chosen of course.

Please provide the Designer - if signed, and your description of the piece.

Please note that the photo might be resized for web viewing (they only give me so much space) and the description might be edited for length.

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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